Friday, September 12, 2008

Once again, time has flown by

Well I have let 10 weeks go by without a post. The last 10 weeks have been both amazing and at times - more than a little tough.

I thought I was a big belly mama back then. Whoo that belly was nothing. I now sporting an enormous watermelon. I am in full waddle mode and I have the ugliest troll feet you have ever seen. The troll feet are from the swelling. You know it is bad when people look at your feet and turn away in horrow. Sleeping is more than a little difficult. Every roll over is an event and I have to use the bathroom every hour on the hour. Did I mention the hemorroids? - yep there starting to show up. The heartburn from hell. The carpal tunnel I am developing. People don't tell you this stuff when you are just thinking about getting pregnant - I think it is their idea of a sick joke. As one woman in my birth class said "This just keeps getting better and better"

Actually, all joking aside. It is physically tough, but it does just get better and better. The baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I can definitely pick out her parts now - a back here, a butt there, and the other night I played with her little feet. She would stretch her legs out (I could feel a little heel on each side of my abdomen) and I would grab her little heel and rub it. She would pull her legs back in for a second and then stretch them back out. I would grab them again. We played this little game for a few minutes. It was delightful and I would take every ache, every hemorroid, all the heartburn, and lack of sleep a million times over for those moements.

I am also officially full term! The baby can technically come at any time. I can't wait to meet her.

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katd said...

Visiting from Mel's blogroll. I hope things are well and that everyone is doing great. :)