Friday, February 15, 2008

The Nicest Valentine's Day Ever!

I had the most wonderful Valentine's Day yesterday with my family. It was simple and perfect. One of our favorite Christian rock bands was playing in Grand Rapids, so we got tickets for the whole family for our Valentine's present.

We took the girls out to dinner. We all laughed throughout the whole dinner trying to see if we could say several sentences without the word "like". It is much harder than you may think, especially for a Souther Califonia girl. Darling husband has blamed me for his daughters usage of the term, but I think it is a "girl thing" rather than something they picked up from me.

The conversation also included conversation about what "we" (the whole family) were going to name "our" (whole family again) baby. Darling hubby still likes "scrotum" and the girls like "tectonic plates". I just feel sorry for the little guy because he/she is coming into one crazy family. I told everyone I thought it was a boy. Darling hubby (so sorry Dad) really wants another girl. Yougest daughter also wants another sister. I, of course, do not care. I know hubby doesn't care either but thinks he knows how to raise girls and would not know what to do with a boy. Oldest daughter would be happy with anything too - she would especially like it if I gave birth to a basset hound puppy.

Once dinner was done, we headed to the concert, where we sang, danced, and prayed as a family. It was a great first concert to take our pre-teen and teenager daughter too. An arena filled with happy people, enjoying life, God, and music.

I can't remember another Valentine's that was so full of love and laughter.

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