Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Ultrasound

Today I had my first ultrasound. We saw a nice gestational sac with a yolk sac. Of course, a lot could still happen, but if it does it probably was due to a pretty significant genetic problem. I go in next Thurs. and will hopefully see a heartbeat. The doctor said everything looked exactly how he wanted it - so I am happy and relieved for today. I am sure new anxieties will creep back tomorrow, but I will do what I have been doing - praying for God to bless this pregnancy and if it is not His will for this pregnancy to go to term than for him to comfort me and support me through my next phase on this journey. The ONE THING that I truly know is that GOD IS FAITHFUL and WANTS ONLY THE BEST FOR ME and for that I am so eternally grateful.

Just have to brag on my darling husband a bit. I had a hard time last night with my shot. It hurt pretty bad (my butt is pretty bruised up and sore at this point) and I started crying about how scared I was and how hard this whole process has been (that I have been getting shots every day for over a month now) and that wonderful man (he does not like me calling him my beloved anymore because he thinks it makes it sound like he is dead) got down on his knees and said "You just need to me to kiss the baby." and then proceeded to kiss my belly. Even if it went bad today or goes bad tomorrow, I still had that moment which was one of the sweetest moments of my life.

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