Friday, November 16, 2007

Here we go - almost

Day 1 is today (all the IVF'rs know what this means) but for the non-IF/IVF'rs - Day 1 is the first day of your menstrual flow. I do not think I have ever been so happy about my period before. Now we can officially begin this IVF cycle. I have called my nurse and am waiting for her phone call regarding our next step.

I just got off the phone with the nurse. I had two options. Option 1: Go in this weekend, take birth control pills for 1 week, start stimulators (drugs to hyperstimulate ovaries) the week after Thanksgiving with retrieval at the beginning of Dec. Option 2: wait until my next period (mid Dec.), go in, bcps for a week, stims for a week (right after Christmas), retrieval around Jan 1st and transfer between Jan 5th and 7th. I chose option 2. Apparently they want to run a short course with me. I originally thought I would do a slower course (take bcp's for three weeks, Lupron for 8-10 days, and then stims, with retrieval around the same time of option 2).

It was tough to decide. My beloved husband goes into the urologist for a epididymal aspiration on Thursday 11/29. I am praying that there is sperm and that they are healthy. If they do get some, they will freeze it on the 29th. However, since we are not sure what they may get, I decided to not go through ovarian hyperstimulation, even though I want to get this started (and over with) as soon as possible. The other bad thing about option 2 is that transfer (God willing that we get embryos)will occur right when MSU starts up again. It will be tough to take it easy. But that is what I already had somewhat planned on. At least the good part is that I will be on break during the stimulation and observation period (so that will be easier than having to go through that while working and preparing for the holidays).

So, I am on hold until Dec. waiting again for my period, to get this baby-ball rolling. I just cannot believe what we are having to go through for a child.

I must admit, I think I chose option 2 because I am more than a little scared about all of this. But I also have to admit that for the briefest moment, I cherished the idea that I could possibly be pregnant over Christmas. It is that second thing that scares me most - that I am already getting those hopes up (even though I try to consciously tell myself that odds are that this will NOT work). My darlin hubby is right - it is going to be very sad if I get the dreaded Beta Negative.

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Trace said...

I came here through Lost and Found. Good luck! We have male infertility and are currently pursuing donor insemination after an adoption scam. Hope you don't mind if I follow your journey?