Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sweet moment with youngest

Last night, my youngest stepdaughter asked if we could pray for her schoolmate that has been in the hospital.

We all took turns praying for the young child, who was seriously injured in a car accident *anyone reading this, please add your prayer for this child and her family* . During our prayers, both my husband and myself, also thanked God for our sensitive and loving child that is so worried about her classmate.

A little later that evening, she (my stepdaughter) was telling us about something she wrote in school. The topic was "change". She told us that she chose to write about her parents divorce - about the changes that occured with that. It always breaks my heart a little when she talks about it (their divorce) because I know it hurts her, but she actually surprised me a bit and said with a smile on her face "I wrote that my parents divorce brought good change and bad change. The good change is that if they didn't get divorced, I would not have such a nice and loving stepmom."

It was lucky that she already ate a healthy dinner, because after she said that, I would have let her eat cake and ice cream for dinner if she wanted it!

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