Monday, November 26, 2007


Well, Thanksgiving is over, but it is never too late to give "Thanks."

I am thankful for: my wonderful husband, my beautiful stepdaughters, my father, my mother in Heaven, my sister, my friends, my life, my health, my pets, my home, the food in my refrigerator, everything. I am so blessed, it is a shame that I have to sometimes remind myself of that - it seems I should just know it all the time. I always feel so ashamed when I realize that I often focus on what I don't have instead of what I DO have.

Thanksgiving went okay. It was not perfect but it could have been much worse. My beloved went hunting in the morning. I stayed home in my toasty warm house, drank my coffee, watched the parade, and relaxed. It was delightful. My husband showed up about an hour before I expected him and I thought for sure that he got a deer. Instead, he told me that someone had tampered with his stand (removing the straps that tie it to the tree). When he climbed up (about 12 feet high), he said the stand just did not feel right. So he reached down (mind you in the dark) and felt that the straps were gone. He took several deep breaths and reminded himself that he got up there okay and that he would be fine. He went to check on our friends (to make sure the straps were not gone on their stands). All were fine. He was quite shaken when he got home, even though it was two hours later. You see I was supposed to be in the tree that morning. So I am most thankful that my husband is safe and sound. I would be lost without him.

He is still shaken by the event. He was telling me yesterday after church that he could not believe that someone would do that (potentially hurt or kill one of us - our kids get in those stands too). He also could not believe that it was "that stand" because he has knelt beside it separate times to pray - for me and my sadness regarding our infertility, for our family and that God will allow it to grow, and for his anger. I told him that he should not view it that God allowed someone to tamper with that stand, but rather that God made him realize that he needed to check the strap and protected him while he got out of it despite the fact that someone tampered with it. He had not thought of it that way.

Friday was great. I had a nice morning with my family. My husband made a nice breakfast for us and we just got to relax. That is rare for us. Usually there is sports, dance, children Bible study groups, Girl Scouts, 4H, youth groups, etc. that we are racing off to attend. I spent the evening in the woods. It was cold, but gorgeous. I watched the moon rise over a small pond. It was golden and made the ice on the pond sparkle. I gave Thanks to God right then for allowing me to see such beauty. We, my husband and I, then went our small town's Christmas parade (tractors and trucks covered in Christmas lights). We then watched the Live Nativity, where our oldest played an angel. It was wonderful. She looked so precious up there - in the spotlight, with her angel costume on - another reason to give thanks. The youngest was particularly loving - tickle fighting and cuddling. The person in charge of the Nativity, came up behind me, put her hand on my shoulder and asked "Do you feel as blessed as I do." I told her "Yes, I am certainly blessed." Before she left, the youngest came running and jumped into my arms to give me a big hug and a kiss. I told her, "I love you soooo much". I gave thanks for that moment.

Saturday, we got our Christmas tree. It was fun. The girls danced around the trees and were as usual just plain silly. We decorated it that evening while we watched Elf. It is the simple little things that make me so happy.

Sunday, it was our turn (my husband and I) to be in the Nativity. I was Mary and he was Joseph. It was fun. I must say, that I enjoyed pretending to be pregnant and adoring my new infant with my husband by my side. Perhaps one day, I will be giving thanks for a real pregnancy and infant to be adored by me and my husband.

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